Physical Education
 Mr. Stanzione

Welcome to Physical Education at Eastlake Elementary School. One of the best things about teaching physical education is that I have the opportunity to interact with each and every student in our school. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have regarding your child's physical education class at [email protected]

What is the Purpose of Physical Education

The purpose of Physical Education is to guide children in the process of becoming physically fit and active for a lifetime. Physical Education is not recess. Through a variety of developmentally appropriate activities children will develop knowledge and practice skills that will increase their understanding of the importance of maintaining fitness and wellness.

Physical Education "Homework"

The primary goal of the Parsippany-Troy Hills School District's Elementary Physical Education Department is to increase the amount of time children spend in physical activity outside of school. Did you know that a child should have at least 7 hours of physical activity each week? Elementary students get 1 hour from physical education class (twice a week for 30 minutes per session). PhysEd class only accounts for about 15% of a child's weekly activity time.

During the school year, I will be assigning some physical ecucation "homework". This homework will be activity based and provide practice time for skill development. Please treat these assignments with the same respect you do all other homework assignments. Completion of the assignments will factor into the student's physical education grade but most importantly will factor into the child's process of becoming active for life!

This activity pyramid can serve as a guide to the types of activities which lead to a lifetime of health and wellness.

PE Class Guidelines

The following rules wil help to provide a safe ennviroment in the gym:

  1. Students must have sneakers to participate (No platform or open-back sneakers).
  2. No jewelry (except small stud earrings).
  3. Students should wear clothing that lets them move freely. They will be active, sitting on the floor and going outside. Please be sure that they are not wearing clothing that would prohibit any of these activities.
  4. If a student needs to be excused from participating due to illness or injury, please send a note into school. To be excused for more that 2 classes, a doctors note stating the duration of the excuse needs to be sent to the school nurse.
  5. Mrs. Molloy, our school nurse, and I work closely to ensure that a student's special needs are met. Please keep us informed of any health concerns that may effect your child's participation in physical education class.

My Favorite Health and Physical Education Websites

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